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Welcome to Sea Turtle Hosting

Thanks for visiting Sea Turtle Hosting. We're a small reseller hosting organization located in Santa Clarita, CA and owned by Joshua Wheeler.

Reseller hosting means what we do is buy large amounts of web space and then divide it up into smaller portions and resell it in cheaper smaller portions for those who don't need 200 GB of space.

You could buy 20 GB of space for $240 a year - and that would be an incredible value - if you used it all. But if you only need about 300 MB of space you're wasting $220.

This is where we come in. We buy the big amounts of space and then resell them in smaller portions - you benefit because you only pay for what you really need. For example - you can get 500 MB of space for only $20 a year from us. If you're only going to use 500 MB of space you won't find a better deal. (and if you do tell us.)


Business Card Website

Website Design starts as low as $300

  • Hosting for a year
  • 5 Pages (additional pages may be added)
  • No Web Knowledge Required (just email the content)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Working with an upbeat and well-rounded web designer